Company PJSC "Arctic Telecom" was founded in April 2012 by the experts of construction and maintenance of fibre-optic communication lines. The main target was to take a leading position in the field of maintenance of fibre-optic communication lines laid on the power lines in the North-West and Central federal district. Thanks to competent management and highly qualified staff, by the middle of 2013 the company launched its activities in five regions of Russia (Republic of Karelia, Murmansk, Leningrad, Tver and Moscow region) and became one of the strongholds of contractors JSC "MUSE".

Now the "Arctic Telecom" - is a solid team of professionals, which provides the operability of more than 7 000 km of backbone and zone communication lines for the major operators, such as: PJSC "Rostelecom", PJSC "MegaFon", PJSC "MTS", PJSC "VimpelCom". Our experts have a great experience in this area and have all the necessary technical and transport facilities and equipment to provide high-quality and timely maintenance and repair of modern fibre-optic communication lines in any conditions.

Winning the competition  30.01.2018

LLC Arktik Telecom was recognized as the winner in the competitive procedure "Maintenance and AVR FOCL in the North-West Region", organized by JSC "FOCL-VL Management". The conclusion of this agreement will strengthen our company's leading position in the field of FOCL maintenance in the North-West Federal District.

The new agreement with PJSC "Lenenergo"  29.12.2017

An agreement was concluded between PJSC "Lenenergo" and LLC "Arctic Telecom" on the creation of an automated control system for technological connection. The project will be completed in December 2018.

Winning the competition  15.12.2017

LLC "Arctic Telecom" won the tender and concluded a contract for the delivery of server equipment with PJSC "Lenenergo". The delivery includes equipment and software of vendors such as Fujitsu, Oracle, HPE, Cisco.

Construction of a new communication line  20.11.2017

The construction of new communication line has been started in the Kingiseppsky district of the Leningrad region, within the framework of the federal project "Elimination of digital inequality". The customer is OOO "VolgaInvestProject". It will be build 4 communication lines with a total length of 24 kilometers.

Completion of installation of permanent fiber-optic inserts  10.11.2017

The company LLC "Arctic Telecom" has completed construction and installation works in the interests of PJSC "Lenenergo". Within the framework of the project, a fiber optic link with a total length of 74.5 km was constructed, and approaches to 7 communication nodes were made.

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